Monday to Saturday, 9:10 AM - 9:30 AM


Have something you want to buy, sell, or giveaway? CALL OUR WOMT AIR-EXCHANGE!

You may list up to 3 items at a time. When listing autos, you must list the price. We will only accept items under $2,000.00. Items can be announced once per week. If you would like your item on another week you must call again or resend the information!


To get your item on Air-Exchange:


Call: 682-4674 and announce it during the show

Email: info@womtradio.com

Mail: PO Box 1385

Manitowoc, WI 54221-1385

Fax: 682-1008



Please keep in mind that The Air Exchange is a CALL-IN show. Depending on the number of phone calls we receive we may not get to items in the mailbag.  NO items over $2000, NO rentals properties, NO businesses, NO Guns or Ammunition allowed.



Download the Air Exchange listings by date:

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September 23

September 22

September 21

September 20

September 17

September 16

September 15

September 13

September 9

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