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Weekdays 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

10/30 - Devin LeMahieu - Senate Majority Leader

10/31 - Angel Avina - Custom Health

11/1- Greg Buckley- Two Rivers City Manager

11/2- Korina Aghmar- Manitowoc County Health Officer

11/3- Masquers


11/6- Captain Jenny Moffitt - Salvation Army

11/7- Diane Johnson-Two Rivers Public School Superintendent

11/8- Jon Reisenbuechler- Manitowoc County Recycling Center

11/9- Frank Hermans- Let Me Be Frank Productions

11/10-Tom Hartman- Hartman's Town and Country Greenhouse


11/13-Jim Feil- Manitowoc Public School Superintendent

11/14-Todd Brehmer- Manitowoc County Veteran Service Officer

11/15-Froedtert Holy Family Family Hospital

11/16-Nick Reimer- City of Manitowoc Police Chief

11/17--Bob Zigelbauer- Manitowoc County Executive


11/20-Paul Tittl- State Representitive

11/21-Justin Nickels - City of Manitowoc Mayor

11/22-Doug Koch- Lights in Lincoln Park

11/23-Thanksgiving (No Program)

11-24-P.J. Albert & Chris Kornely - Capitol Civic Centre



11/27- Barbra Budy Jost-Evergleem Trees

11/28- Angel Avina-Custom Health

11/29- Don Lewellen- Clipper City Chordsmen

11/30- Manitowoc Public Library

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