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Steve Devine

5 AM - 10 AM


Steven was born in Janesville, WI, not far from the Illinois border. After taking a tour of his local radio station at age 12, he was hooked. He didn’t know what exactly he wanted to do in radio, but he knew he wanted to work in it any way he could.


Steven graduated from UW-Oshkosh in their Radio/TV/Film Program with a minor in journalism in 2020. His first radio job out of college was in Ottawa, IL, about 90 miles southwest of Chicago where he worked as a news reporter/anchor. After two years in that position, he decided to make the move back to Wisconsin to continue his radio journalism career. When he’s not working on the radio, Steven enjoys walking and biking when the weather is right. Otherwise, you’ll find him enjoying a movie or binge-watching a TV show.

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