Purchase Radio Deals By:

Stopping in office weekdays from 8am - 5pm starting Monday morning at 8am

(3730 Mangin St, Manitowoc WI 54220)

Calling us any weekday from 8am - 5pm starting Monday morning at 8am


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*Any voicemails, emails, or social media messages made prior to Monday morning at 8am will be disregarded*

There is a limited supply of each certificate on offer.  If you would like your purchased deals mailed to you, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with payment to:

Deals of the Week

P.O. Box 1385

Manitowoc, WI  54221-1385


We accept cash and checks for purchases.  We will also accept credit cards for deals purchased with a minimum purchase of $50 and a 3% convenience fee. Some restrictions on using the deals may apply such as expiration and days available to redeem. 


Any questions, please call Karen at 682-0351.

For a list of Wisconsin Dining Scripts, click here.