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Vice President and Sales Manager

Terry 2021

After graduating from Lincoln High School in 2003, Terry immediately began working as an Advertising Consultant for WOMT / WQTC Radio in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Since then, Seehafer Broadcasting has expanded with several additional radio stations including WLKN (September 2009), WEMP (August 2015) and WCUB / WLTU (December 2015.) Since these station acquisitions, Terry has been able to offer his clients a variety of innovative marketing campaign strategies. 

From the beginning of his advertising career, Terry has been dedicated to providing his clients with unique and effective advertising campaigns, and this dedication quickly helped him to establish an account list of many satisfied customers. Terry has been actively involved with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA) for the entirety of his career, attending various annual conventions as well as lobbying in the state capitol each year; most notably, Terry is an original member of the WBA Young Professionals Committee, a group of young members within the WBA striving to make our mark in the broadcasting field as well as to unite the broadcasters of our generation with the veterans of our field. Recently, Terry has coordinated two Young Professional conferences through the WBA YP Committee, The Toolbox, which features a variety of speakers and topics relevant to today's young broadcaster. 

As part of his continued efforts to learn and grow in his chosen profession, Terry completed a 3-year program through the WBA to become a graduate of the Walker Broadcast Management Institute. Terry also completed the Certified Radio Sales Management (CRSM) Training from the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) in October 2013 to become a Certified Radio Sales Manager, and following that certification, on January 1, 2014 Terry was promoted to the position of Sales Manager for Seehafer Broadcasting. On May 1, 2021, Terry was promoted and named Vice President of Seehafer Broadcasting helping to oversee and lead the corporation. 

Alongside his career in selling and managing radio advertising, Terry produces and co-hosts a wide variety of on-air programs on WOMT and Lake 98.1 including “The Stand Up Radio Ministry” which has been on-air for over twenty years!

In April of 2020, Terry was awarded the very first Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Young Professional of the Year Award through the state of Wisconsin. In addition, Terry was awarded the Young Professional of the Year in Manitowoc County through the Manitowoc Chamber in 2018. 


Beyond his career in radio, from 2005 through 2009 Terry partnered with Riley Haupt to form EdgeStar Media, LLC and Co-Produce/Co-Host “Lakeshore’s Rising Stars!”, a state-wide singing competition taking place weekly throughout the summers. Production of the ‘Rising Stars!’ franchise presented challenges and rewards on many levels, and was a fantastic experience for me personally as well as a boon to the community. The experience allowed him to work with some very talented performers and gifted people. For nearly a decade Riley and Terry had hoped to bring “Lakeshore’s Rising Stars!” to the lakeshore community once more, and in the summer of 2016, they were able to realize that dream with a third successful season with co-producer, Brennan Seehafer. 

In his free time, Terry is an avid golfer. In addition, Terry has been involved in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization from the time that he was five years old; his Big Brother Joe Matthias and he were awarded the longest-matched pair upon his high school graduation and they remained close to this recent passing of Joe in fall of 2020. Terry has served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Manitowoc County and is currently active as a committee member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Wisconsin Shoreline. 

Without his faith in God, Terry can honestly say that he would not be here today experiencing the many joys of life. For this reason, it’s his personal prayer that each person may come to know Christ and accept His wonderful gift of grace into their life. The credit for his personal and professional success goes to Him.

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